This bottle is made from sugarcane. A renewable raw material that contributes to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions!

How does it work: During the growth process of the sugar cane, the crop takes CO2 out of the air. From the sugar cane we retrieve among others ethanol, the basis for green plastic.

If you choose the Shiva Green you contribute to a better environment!

  • Bio-based material
  • Bio -Based logo available for design
  • Sustainable

    • Food approved, free of BPA and phthalates
    • Dishwasher safe up to 40 degrees
    • Recyclable plastic
    • 20% post industrial recycled plastics
    • All caps are fitted with lockable pull lids
    • Comes in 500cc
    • Large print area 500cc: 100 x 235.5 mm;
    • 23 standard PMS colors, custom colors from 5,000 onwards.
    • Easy to squeeze; made from soft plastics
    • Large opening, easy to clean
    • Dutch design

Brochure Bottle Promotions

Diameter: 74 mm
Height Shiva 500cc: 190mm

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