Sustainability at Tacx

Sustainable practices for a greener future

Sustainability is a core value at Bottle Promotions, and we are committed to finding the perfect balance between people, planet, and profit. By prioritizing the three P’s – People, Planet, and Profit – we ensure that our actions have a positive impact on society, the environment, and our financial viability.

The 3 P’s at Tacx


When it comes to People, at Bottle Promotions, we create a livable and safe environment for our employee’s fostering growth, collaboration, and sharing responsibility. But it doesn’t stop there. We also respect the rights of workers in our supply chain, collaborating only with companies that adhere to a Code of Conduct (COC).


Our dedication to a better environment is evident in the steps we take to minimize our environmental footprint. We actively work towards climate neutrality by implementing sustainable practices throughout our operations. For instance, we are working on integrating solar panels into our facilities, reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. We also prioritize recycling and waste management, ensuring that materials are reused or disposed of responsibly. Furthermore, we strive to buy from local and European partners, reducing transportation emissions and supporting regional economies.


Profitability serves as the foundation for our sustainability efforts. By maintaining a healthy financial position, we ensure the long-term viability of our organization. This allows us to invest in sustainable initiatives and continuously improve our impact on people and the planet.

Why are the Tacx bottles not made of completely recycled materials yet?

Using recycled materials for food contact bottles is a great idea for sustainability, but there are many challenges to overcome. Bottles are food contact products and the regulations for the usage of recycled materials for these products are very strict.

The recycling process introduces complexity, making it difficult to guarantee the absence of contaminants. Meeting specific requirements for food and beverage packaging can be more challenging with recycled materials. Consistency and uniformity are crucial. Efforts are being made to improve recycling technologies and find innovative solutions.

Until then, prioritizing consumer safety and adhering to regulations is essential.

Sedex Pilar 4

We are very proud to announce our Sedex approval! We recently completed a successful Smeta audit and obtained a “Letter of Conformity” for the next three years. Sedex is a global platform that ensures responsible business practices across labor rights, health & safety, environment, and trade ethics. Our membership demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and meeting rigorous standards. Sedex is trusted by over 50.000 members in 150 countries.

Our Sedex code is ZC1060540. If you are also member of Sedex, we can set you up with a link so you can access all our details.

If you want to receive one of the below mentioned documents, please send an e-mail to [email protected]: Smeta report | Code of conduct (COC) | Food approval certificates | Declaration of conformity


Now, let’s talk about our Tacx bottles. We are proud to say that 15% of the material used in our bottles comes from post-industrial sources. We employ a grinding process to recycle the injection points, which are then reused directly in the production process (closed circuit). This means that 15% of every Tacx bottle is made from recycled material, reducing the demand for virgin resources.

Additionally, we have established a partnership with the “Plastic Company” to ensure that every rejected bottle is recycled. Through this collaboration, these bottles are transformed into small plastic flakes or processed into new plastic pellets. These recycled materials find new life in products such as plastic planters, ensuring that nothing shall be wasted.

At Bottle Promotions, sustainability is not just a buzzword. We believe in creating a better world for ourselves and future generations by taking care of people, the environment, and ourselves. Let’s work together to strive for a better future filled with sustainability.