Printing Bottles: Make Your Brand Stand Out

Whether it’s just a logo or a full-colour wraparound print, you can mix and match the bottle and cap colour to make the perfect combination. Use the large print area to make a unique design and create an affordable bottle to use as a promotional eye-catcher. Your bottles are printed using ultra-modern machines. The result is comparable to digital print Good artwork and high resolution images are essential for best results.

Have your brand stand out!

Specs & tips

Printing our bottles takes precision work. Temperature differences during the production process and the conical shape of the bottle have a major effect on the printing process. Good artwork is essential for this. The better the artwork, the better the result. We are ready to help make this process run smoothly and quickly for you.

Before the bottle goes into production, you will receive a design with all the relevant information in a package. Production starts with your written approval.

Artwork specifications

Silk screen printWe use a separate screen for each print colour. We can print a maximum of 12 colours. Our state of the art printing machine prints 6 colours in 1 run.
File specifications • Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or higher (EPS or vector ai file)
• Adobe Photoshop 5.0 or higher (or Adobe in-Design)
Per email, max. 10MB or via We Transfer.
Fonts • Mac user: please put the letter type in outline and send us the Fonts
• PC user: always change letters to outline
Print area size • Bottle 450ml: 195 x 140 mm
• Bottle 500ml: 235,5 x 100 mm
• Bottle 750ml: 235.5 x 100 mm & 22 or 235.5 x 29 mm
Distance between upper and lower part of imprint of the 750ml bottle is 95 mm (heart to heart print)
Full colour process print: CMYK It could be, that part of the design has to be made up in CMYK and an aditional spot colour. For example, text with a specific pantone colour. Therefore, to ensure your calculations are correct, please always send us the artwork to check the number of print colour required.
Printing full colour When printing a multiple colour design,where the colours meet a 0.5 mm tolerance in closure must be accepted. When the printing full colour process CMYK, the end result will be matte, pixelated and can deviate from the visual proof. Our raste size is 34 dpi.
Printing on coloured bottlesTo print a pantone colour onto a coloured bottle, it’s necessary to print a white underlay first. No white underlay is required for grey tints, gold, silver and white. In some cases an outline is visible and has to be accepted. The white underlay is calculated as one extra print colour and one extra screen. If white is already part of the design, there is no extra white underlay required. If in doubt, please contact us for information.
Dark bottlesDark bottles are more sensitive to scratches and scuff marks.

Important to know

  • Custom colours of bottles and caps are possible for orders over 5,000 units. This also applies to eco bottles.
  • Minimum purchase for printed bottles: 300 units with max. 2 colour print.
  • For over 500 units, we can print a maximum of 12 colours.
  • Unprinted bottles are available in multiples of 50 units. 


  1. To save time, we prefer to receive a vectorised EPS file with the letters in outline.
  2. Use the Bottle Creator for more inspiration.
  3. The Bottle Creator colours are shown for inspiration. However, the colours on your screen may differ from the true colours. Please specify the PMS colours. You can also ask for free samples to be sure.
  4. When we print in multiple PMS colours, you will need to accept a tolerance of 0.5 mm between the colours.
  5. When you place an order, please provide the following information:
    • Quantity
    • Model and size
    • Colour of bottle and cap
    • Vectorised EPS file of the logo/design and/or design instructions
    • Delivery address, name and telephone number of the contact person
    • Deadline


Download a template of your bottle of choice and make your own design.
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