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Below our range of bottles and accessories. The 3 models; the Fuse, the Shiva and the Source are available in different versions. The new Fuse bottle is available with or without a fruit fusion stick and the cap is available in a choice of rainbow colors for the optimal combination. Our bestseller Shiva is available in a Bio version and has 3 lid options: Original (screw cap), Shanti Premium cap (membrane) and the XT (extended pull lid) for sports with masks.

The Fuse, a fruit infusion bottle, has just been introduced and is already very popular. Check the link below for more info!

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Our models

Shiva Original 500 & 750cc

Screw cap with lockable pull-lid
Iconics: bottle 20 colours, cap 24 colours

Shiva Premium 500 & 750cc

Shanti membrane cap
Iconics: bottle 20 colours, cap antrazite, ring in 8 colours

Shiva XT 500 & 750cc

Screw cap with extended pull lid
Iconics: bottle 20 colours, cap black

Shiva Bio 500 & 750cc

Screw cap with lockable pull-lid
Sence of Earth: bottle 6 colours, cap 24 colours (only white is bio)

Source 500 & 750cc

Press-on cap with lockable pull-lid
Classics: bottle 6 colours, cap 9 colour combinations

Fuse Fruit Fusion 450cc  NEW

Screw cap with or without fruit fusion stick
Rainbow: bottle 3 colours, cap and fruit fusion stick 12 colours

Our accessories


Bottle carrier for 8 Shiva or Source bottles, 500 and 750cc
Only available in black

Shiva bottle display

Incl. 23 printed bottles, 500 and 750cc
Size: 43 x 140 x 18 cm

Fuse bottle display

Incl. 10 printed bottles, 450cc
Size: 43 x 52 x 18 cm

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Bottle Promotions sells Tacx bottles in the promotional branch and cycling industry. We work with resellers only. If you are not a reseller, you can contact us for information on a reseller/dealer in your region or country. If you are interested in our prices, please send us an enquiry form.

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