Tacx Bottle Cages

Ultimate convenience for your cycling adventures
Discover the reliable Tacx bottle cage for carefree cycling enjoyment!

Bottle users are tired of struggling with their bottles during intense bike rides. No worries anymore; with the Tacx bottle cages Ciro, Deva, and Radar, you’ve found the perfect cycling buddy for all your bike tours. These holders ensure that the bottles remain securely in place, even on the roughest terrains, including those pesky cobblestones. We offer the cages in a wide range of colors, to suit everybody’s needs. All bottle cages are manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands, allowing us to closely monitor and guarantee quality. For the best grip, we always recommend combining a Tacx bottle with a Tacx bottle cage.


Lightweight bottle cage (only 29 g) with minimalistic shape and strong clamping. The fiberglass core makes it durable and structurally reliable.

Optimal Clamping

The black casing is reinforced with carbon, ensuring optimal clamping to keep the bottle securely in place during challenging rides.


The material mix – a carbon casing with fiberglass core – is optimized for the lightest possible weight.

Refined Design

All excessive materials have been minimized, resulting in a pure design. This minimalist design gives the Ciro a sleek look and makes it compatible with almost any bike from a design perspective.

Color options

Green matt or shiny
Orange matt or shiny
Fluo yellow matt or shiny
Celeste matt or shiny
Pink matt or shiny
Light blue matt or shiny
Red matt or shiny
Black matt or shiny
White matt or shiny
Blue matt or shiny


Weight29 g
MaterialCarbon & Polyamide
Country of originThe Netherlands


Bottle cage with a unique cylindrical shape that perfectly clamps the bottle in place. It has proven itself many times during cycling classics on cobblestones.

Optimal Clamping

The cylindrical shape minimizes the chance of the bottle slowly working its way up during your ride, preventing dangerous situations. The cage is designed so that the bottle can be smoothly placed in and removed from the holder.

Strong carbon core in a fiberglass casing

The Deva has a polyamide core reinforced with carbon, providing excellent clamping force while maintaining a low weight. The whole is covered in a brightly colored fiberglass outer layer.


Weight32 g, 40% carbon inside
MaterialCarbon & Polyamide
Country of originThe Netherlands

Color options

Fluo Yellow
Bianchi Green
Matt Black
Light blue
Dark blue


This “side load” bottle cage is specially designed for compact bike frames. You can place and remove your bottle from the side of the holder, both from the left and the right side.

Left or right

You can choose to place your bottle in the cage from the left or right side. Simply mount it on your frame as you prefer.

Strong clamping force

The bottle cage is made of a strong fiberglass composite. By giving the cage a round shape with ribs, we have been able to increase the clamping force.

Color options



Weight35 g
Material Polyamide
Country of originThe Netherlands