Specificaties artwork

Silk screen prints

For each print colour we make an individual screen. We can print up to 12 colours (our state of the art printing machine prints 6 colours in one run)

File specifications

  • Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or higher (eps or vector ai file)
  • Adobe Photoshop 5.0 or higher (or Adobe in-Design)

Per email, max.10 MB or via We Transfer.


Mac user: please put the letter type in outline and send us the Fonts. PC user: always change letters into outline.

Print area

  • Bidon 500cc: 235,5 x 100 mm
  • Bidon 750cc: 235,5 x 100 mm & 235,5 x 22 mm (upper print area) Distance between upper and lower part of imprint of the 750cc bottle is 95 mm ( heart to heart print)

Full colour process print: CMYK

It could be, that part of the design has to be made up in CMYK and additional pantone colours. For example, text with a specific colour must be made up in an extra spot colour. Therefore, to ensure your calculations are correct, please always send us the artwork in advance so we can check the number of colours needed for the imprint.

Printing full colour

When printing a multiple colour design, where the colours meet a 0,5 mm tolerance in closure must be accepted. When printing full colour process CMYK, the end result is mat, pixelated and can deviate from the visual proof. Our raster size is 34 dpi.

Printing on coloured bottles

When printing on coloured bottles, it is necessary to print a white underlay first. In some cases an outline is visible and has to be accepted. The white underlay is calculated as one extra print colour and one extra screen. If white is already part of the design there is no extra colour charge. If you are not sure please check with us first.

Dark bottles

Dark bottles are more sensitive to scratches and scuff marks.

Precision work

The printing of polyethylene water bottles is precision work. Differences in temperature during production and the water bottle’s conical shape are of great influence on the print. Good artwork is essential. The better the artwork is, the better the result will be. Our team will gladly advice you on the best files that will guarantee optimal printing.

Before the bottle goes into production you will receive a visual with all the relevant data. Production will only start after your written approval.