Tacx Sport Bottle, the “all round” thirst quencher

Ideal product to use as a promotional eye-catcher

Encouraging associates to lead a healthy lifestyle is often part of a company’s corporate strategy.
Offering them a printed Tacx bottle will definitely make a difference. You are essentially wishing your team “good health”…….. and we all know a healthy team is a more motivated team.
Add to this that the bottle with its very high-quality, full-colour printing, will also vividly stand out and companies won’t hesitate to choose the Tacx bottle as a promotional item.

Caps also suitable for carbonated beverages

XT extended lid is practical for ice hockey or motorsport

Large printing surface around it, so many printing options

ROI on our bottles is high (low price, high visibility)

Sport bottle with 3 cap options

The Shiva bottle is available in 500ml and 750ml with 3 different cap options; The standard cap with a lockable pull lid, the Premium cap (Shanti) with a membrane seal and a cap with an extended pull lid (XT). The extended pull lid is practical for athletes who wear masks such as ice hockey players and motorcyclists. The bottles and caps are available in lots of different colour options. So we definitely recommend you use the Bottle Creator to find the perfect colour combination with your client’s logo.

Keep your family healthy!

In times where hygiene is of the utmost importance for us and our family, we introduce the Tacx Shiva PURA bottle This bottle is made of antibacterial polyethylene containing a special additive. This releases silver ions that prevent bacteria from colonizing on the surface of the bottle.

An appropriate promotional item in these challenging times.

High-quality environmentally-friendly bottle

Our clients increasingly ask for environmentally-friendly promotional items. By buying a reusable Tacx bottle, you are making an eco-friendly statement because you are preventing the use of a huge number of disposable cups. What’s more, they are made from high-quality PE and PP and are therefore 100% recyclable. For companies specialising in environmentally-friendly products, we also offer the Shiva in a biodegradable and bio-based (sugar cane) option. We sell these sport bottles for an additional charge. Check the Bottle Creator for all the colour options.

Tacx bottle cages

Tip! If you use Tacx bottle cages then this is good news. Our bike bottles and bottle cages are specially designed for one another and clip together perfectly. For team sports, alongside the hockey bottle and football bottle, we also sell the StarLight bottle carrier for transporting up to 8 Tacx bottles.

To support cycling, we are the technical partner for many World Tour teams, Pro-continental teams, triathletes, speed skaters and MTB teams. We work together closely with these partners to optimise our products. Tacx bottles and cages, the professionals’ choice!