Fuse, the elegant fruit bottle from Tacx

The perfect way to add flavour and vitamins to your water

Drinking plenty of water is necessary but not always very exciting… so pimp your water by giving it a bit of flavour. The Tacx Fuse bottle can help you do that. The Fuse Tacx bottle is an elegant lifestyle bottle with a fruit fusion stick that you can pierce fruit onto, to add flavour and vitamins to your water. The fruit fusion stick is optional.

Most affordable fruit fusion bottle

Shape also suitable for children’s hands

Also available in 75% Organic version

Large printing surface from the ring to the bottom

The practical, versatile lifestyle bottle

This 450ml lifestyle fruit bottle is made from soft, squeezy BPA-free polyethylene and has a practical pull lid making it easy to take sips. Ideal for sporty, energetic consumers who embrace an active lifestyle. The pull lid is lockable so is suitable for carbonated beverages. The handy carrying handle makes it easy to carry your bottle around. The bottle is also versatile to use as it is also available to buy without fruit fusion. The 64 mm diameter makes it a perfect promotional item for children. The bottle can be printed, from top to bottom and 360 degrees around it.

“Mix and Match” with 3 new Fuse colours

This year we have added 3 new bottle colours for the Fuse Fruit Fusion bottle. Would you like to see the colour options for the Fuse? No problem, use our Bottle Creator to put together a proposal for the client. Click on the link below. You choose the type of bottle, the bottle colour, the cap colour and upload the logo. Don’t forget! The Fuse is also available in a 75% Organic version Click now to Mix and Match for the ultimate design for your client. Allow us to help you with a quotation. Click on “Request Quotation” so we can work on it together and set a competitive price.