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You may already have used a Bottle Promotions bottle. It wouldn’t be surprising, as we have been the sector specialist in the production and printing of drinking bottles for more than 25 years. A pure Dutch product. Our customers are increasingly aware of a healthy lifestyle and often ask for environmentally friendly promotional items that are produced in an ethically responsible and sustainable way. For the development of our products we are constantly looking for new raw materials that are greener, cleaner and are environmentally friendly as possible. To do this, we continuously test, measure, manage and report our processes in our factory with Sedex certification and by our ISO-certified printer.

This is how we try to make a positive contribution to the environment.  

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We only sell our water bottles through resellers in the promotional sector and the bicycle industry. If you are not a reseller, please contact us.
We’ll be happy to put you in contact with a reseller in your region or country

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