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Below our bottle range and accessories. We have 6 models in total, the Shiva, Shiva BIO, Source,  Splash, Sport and our new model the FUSE (coming soon). Our bestseller, the Shiva comes with 3 different cap options; the regular cap (screw), the Shanti premium cap (membrane) and the XT (extended pull-lid). The Source, Splash and Sport have no extra cap options.

Check our NEWS updates. We expect the Fuse bottle soon!

Our models


Shiva bottle 500cc and 750cc
Regular screw cap

Shiva – Shanti cap

Shiva bottle 500cc and 750cc
Shanti premium membrane cap

Shiva – XT cap

Shiva bottle 500cc and 750cc
XT cap with extended pull-lid


Shiva bottle 500cc and 750cc
Bio version


Source bottle 500cc and 750cc
Press-on cap

Fuse NEW

Fuse bottle 450cc
Screw cap with Fruit fusion

Our accessories


Bottle carrier


For in showroom

Fuse display

For in showroom

Sales info and request offer

Bottle Promotions sells Tacx bottles in the promotional branch and cycling industry. We work with resellers only. If you are not a reseller, you can contact us for information on a reseller/dealer in your region or country. If you are interested in our prices, please send us an enquiry form.

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