Shiva – Premium Shanti membrane cap, 750ml

This Shiva bottle is the same as other Shiva bottles but stands out with its specially developed membrane cap. The cap can be twisted open or closed quickly with a single motion. In the ‘open’ position, the bottle is ready for use at any time. The special membrane system prevents the contents leaking out. The drink only comes out in exactly the amount desired when the bottle is squeezed. The cap can also turned to ‘locked’.

Unique innovative
Shanti membrane cap

Available in
biodegradable biobased polyethylene made of sugarcane

Large area
for full colour printing

Build your bottle


Cap Type

Color de tapa


Color de bidón


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Diameter77 mm
Height257 mm
Print area100 x 235.5 mm and 22 or 29 x 235.5 mm
Weight 500ml115 grams

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