Bottle Promotions helps to accelerate the regeneration of nature, tree by tree!

New! For orders of 1,000 bottles or more, we gift you a tree in the heart of Africa. With the extra care it receives, this tree will recover and mature into a fully grown one. This initiative contributes to the growth of our Bottle Promotions Forest. This is our way of giving back to nature.

A couple of days after the shipment of your order, you will receive an e-mail and will be treated to an immersive digital experience. You unwrap your tree and find the exact geolocation and access cool metrics such as CO₂ captured, estimated water retention, tree species and much more. Through your personal dashboard and quarterly tree updates, you will stay connected to the gifted tree.

Who takes care of the actual trees?


The platform we use is proud to have the superheroes at Justdiggit as their partner in regreening the planet. They are the ones who recover the trees we gift you.

Justdiggit has scientifically backed programs, a long track record and support from local communities. Since 2009, they have helped restore more than 400,000 hectares of land, brought back over 14 million trees, and built a grassroots movement that keeps growing every day!

Justdiggit applies multiple techniques to bring back vegetation and boost biodiversity in degraded areas. In Tanzania farmers use a technique called Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), also known as Kisiki Hai in Swahili. It helps the farmers to regrow trees that were previously cut down. Justdiggit made two beautiful documentaries showing
you exactly how it works: Kiski Hai I & Kisiki Hai II.

Why not plant new trees?

The already existing trees, which due to damage have become more like thickets than trees, have long roots that can absorb water deep into the ground. The chance of success and a complete recovery from a thicket to a tree (through proper pruning) is much greater than planting a new tree with small roots.

Why do we want to revive trees. Preferably 1 billion trees by 2050

More trees = a more stable climate

Trees don’t only produce oxygen; they absorb carbon dioxide. This helps reduce the impacts of global warming and stabilize the climate. If one tree absorbs approximately 10-40kg ofn C0₂ per year, 1 billion trees would absorb at least 10 million tons of C0₂ per year. That’s the same as taking 2 million cars off the road each year!

More trees = much needed rain

Trees act as natural air conditioners and ‘create rain’ by cooling the surrounding air through the release of water vapor. Their canopies also provide shade, cooling down the soil and their root systems retain water, increasing soil fertility and decreasing erosion.

More trees = crucial support for biodiversity

Roughly 30% of species have been threatened globally or driven to extinction since the year 1500. And approximately 80% of terrestrial species rely on forests and trees for food, shelter and other necessities. So, just imagine how many animals would benefit from more trees.

1 billion trees = 2 million acres of forest

Every 2 seconds we lose about 1 football field worth of forest due to deforestation. Gaining 2 million acres of forest would be equivalent to more than 1 million football fields!

More trees = healthy food for communities

The treecovery projects bring back a wide variety of trees. Among these are trees that have fruits and nuts, providing healthy, nutrient-dense foods to communities in need. 1 billion trees would produce a substantial amount of food!

1 billion trees = oxygen for 2 billion people

Everyone knows that trees produce oxygen, but did you know that the average fully grown tree produces a day’s supply of oxygen for you and a friend? So, 1 billion fully grown trees would produce enough oxygen for 2 billion people to breathe!

We lose 10% of our trees on an annual basis

It’s the moonshot ambition of our platform to plant 1 billion trees. But this is not nearly enough from a global perspective. Luckily, we’re not alone. Together with global initiatives we need to do everything we can to bring back trees and restore our ecosystems.