Our delivery condition for printed bottles is ‘ex works’. This means that you have to organize your own transport. If requested we can arrange pick up by one of our reliable transport companies. Please ask a quote. For small quantities we use a parcel service.



BottleContentAmountBox SizeWeight
Fuse with fruit fusion450ml50 pcs.33x33x47 cm4.9 kg
Fuse450ml25 pcs.33x33x47 cm4.4 kg
Shanti500ml25 pcs.39x39x22 cm2.5 kg
Shanti700ml25 pcs.39x39x27 cm3.10 kg
Shiva500ml50 pcs.39x39x40 cm4.4 kg
Shiva750ml50 pcs.39x39x54 cm5.4 kg

Big Pallet Info

BottleContentBottle / PalletPallet Size
Fuse450ml2,100 pcs.120x120x220cm
Shanti500ml2,025 pcs.120x120x220cm
Shanti750ml1,575 pcs.120x120x220cm
Shiva500ml2,250 pcs.120x120x220cm
Shiva750ml1,800 pcs.120x120x220cm

Small Pallet Info

BottleContentBottle / PalletSmall Pallet Size
Fuse450ml1,500 pcs.80x120x220cm
Shanti500ml1,350 pcs.80x120x220cm
Shanti750ml1,050 pcs.80x120x220cm
Shiva500ml1,500 pcs.80x120x220cm
Shiva750ml1,200 pcs.80x120x220cm

Bottle Sizes

Fuse with fruit fusion450ml230 mm64 mm90 gram
Fuse450ml230 mm64 mm80 gram
Shanti500ml202 mm77 mm90 gram
Shanti750ml257 mm77 mm115 gram
Shiva500ml196 mm77 mm80 gram
Shiva750ml250 mm77 mm100 gram

Starlight Krat

Per pallet size 120x120x220cm
135 pcs. Packed in individual boxes
200 pcs. in bulk
StarLight in Box
Box size = 36x26x21cm
Weight = 880 gram
4 pcs. – 1 package with UPS
50 bottles 500ml & 750ml – 1 package with UPS