Printing Bottles [old]

Whether it’s a simple logo or full colour wrap round print, mix and match the bottle colour and size to find the perfect combination, use the large print area to make a unique design and create a bottle to use as a promotional tool. Ultramodern silk screen printing machines are used to customize the bottles, the result is comparable to digital print. Good artwork and HD pictures are crucial to get the best printing result.

Below 3 tools to get inspired: Bottle Creator, Tech info and Templates.

How to make your brand look great!

Important to know

  • Pantone match (bottles/caps) is available from 5,000 pieces onwards (also in Bio-version)
  • MOQ for printed bottles is 300 pcs with a maximum 2 clr imprint
  • We print up to 12 colours from 500 pcs onwards
  • Unprinted bottles are availble from 50 pcs onwards
  • The Shiva bottle is available in a Bio version (500cc and 750cc)
  • Large printarea (100 x 235,5 mm all round)


1. To save valuable time, please send us vectorised eps files with letters in lettercontour and outlined
2. For inspiration use the bottle creator to make a design.
3. When printing on coloured bottles, it is necessary to print a white underlay first. In some cases an outline is visible!


4. When printing a multiple colour design, where the colours meet a 0,5 mm tolerance in closure must be accepted.

5. When you order, please send us info on:

  • Quantity
  • Model and size
  • Bottle and cap colour
  • Vectorised eps file of the logo/design
  • Delivery address and contact name and tel. nr.
  • Deadline

6. Our Bottle creator colour guide is intended for reference purposes only. Please be aware that some computer monitors may display colours in a different shade to the original resolution!


Branded Tacx bottles, the ultimate promotional eye catcher that can be used for webshops, events, marketing campaigns, retail, gyms, sports clubs, business gifts & general giveaways.

This portfolio shows a small selection of the millions of Tacx bottles that we have manufactured.